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Berlin II

August 3, 2011


Okay, family, maybe I’ve been a little chinchy with the pix. I’ll try to do better, now that I have unlimited budget. What you see above is the Lustgarten, which is the front lawn for a cluster of Berlin’s older museums, including the well-known Pergamon. They’re located on what’s known as the Museumsinsel, or Museum Island, formed by a temporary split in the Spree river, which runs, like many other watercourses, through the heart of the city.

Here’s another view of the Altes Museum. We took a walk around the Museumsinsel, but it was about closing time, so no visits.


These were taken on our walk as we rounded the north end of the island – the first is a typical Berlin scene, greenery next to the river, and the bottom, heading south, shows the museums on the right and the Berliner Dom, a church, on the east side of the Spree.

The bear is the symbol of Berlin, and this year the main streets have stylized bears, each colored differently, sponsored by different countries.

Rain slows down, and more museum visits to come.


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  1. Leticia permalink

    love this pic…so peggy

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