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Goodbye Prague, Hello Vienna

August 15, 2011

At the Prague train station. No, I’m not asleep…

A few last shots from Prague:

Rodin’s head of Mahler at the Narodni Gallery.

Our home in Prague, the Husum Dum pension…

…and our ever-gracious host, Jaroslav.

At the station -we’re Vienna Neustadt.

In the seats in front of us were a Korean woman and her ten-year-old son, whose English was quite good, and who was fascinated by my iPad version of Angry Birds. Cho Hen Ja, we rember you fondly!

Our current digs at Anzengrubergasse 7.

The large bedroom, taken up mostly by a large bed.

The kitchen. We also have new, clean, if small, toilet facilities, including that uniquely Teutonic invention, the shelf toilet. I’ll let you look that one up.

The Staatsoper. In Mahler’s day, it was the Vienna Court Opera, and his appointment as conductor crowned his conducting career. His last job, interestingly, was as conductor of what is now the New York Phil.

The Karntnerstrasse, one very classy shopping mall. Makes Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade look like a picture of urban decay.

20110815-115004.jpg 20110815-115035.jpg
St. Stephan’s cathedral, outside and in. This gorgeous old building is the focal point of the central city. We attended Mass there Sunday morning.

The Hofburg entrance, taken from the Burggarten park.

In the park were a bunch of kids who had a strap stretched between two trees. They were practicing different balancing tricks.

That winds up Friday. There is so very much to see here, tons of art and other sights. We had booked seventeen days in Vienna, which seemed excessive at first, but now looks insufficient. More pics later.

Two T-shirts that got a chuckle:

Video games ruined my life
(picture of Space Invaders)
Good thing I have two extra lives

And, in big letters,


Back real soon.


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  1. Leticia permalink

    bill, i am enjoying your pics and blogs…looking forward to whats coming next…
    Big question??? did Peggy eat bacon?????


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