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Sunday in Salzburg

September 5, 2011


Sunday, August 5

We slept in this morning, and washed clothes in the St. Sebastian laundry room. Sabine, one of the desk clerks, had said that a hike up to the Capuchin Monastery on the hill behind Linzergasse would be a pleasant way to spend part of our afternoon and have a good view of the city.

So we packed a picnic lunch and climbed the hill, and indeed we had a sweeping view of Salzburg.

Across the river we could see the cathedral, and in the hills beyond, the Festung Hohensalzburg, a fortress built in 1007 and last expanded in 1681, the largest and best preserved fortress from the Middle Ages.

When we descended to the street, we felt up to another hike, so we crossed the Salzach and started up the road to the fortress.

20110905-080300.jpg 20110905-080316.jpg
Consecutive views of the cathedral and the city beyond as we ascended.

The castle at last! And yet, and yet… 7,40 € just to walk 30 more meters? As you may know, money means nothing to us, and as I often say, “I spit on money” and of course I also realize that when people say, “It’s not the money, it’s the principle of the thing,” it is in fact the money.

Whatever. All I can tell you is that after huffing and puffing up that hill the last thing we wanted to see was a gate and a box office, and after a very short deliberation we turned around and started our walk back down. But, BUT, shortly we saw a sign directing us further east to the Museum Der Moderne, a museum of modern art, natch, to be reached in only 900 meters. Hey, that’s only like, um, nine football fields, right? We’ve come this far, could we forgive ourselves if we couldn’t manage a few football fields?

So, okay, the footbal fields wen’t entirely on level gound, and our dogs were whimpering by the time we reached the museum, but we came upon some extraordinarily striking vistas, like the wooded valley at the top of this post,

…and this mountain further to the north,

…and looking south, this magnificent sight of the river and the castle we had spurned.

Looking directly across the river, we could see our starting point, the Capuchin monastery, the yellow building in the woods on the right.

As satisfying as all this was, we were still faced with the long walk back down. But somebody up there likes us, I suppose, because the museum offered us an elevator ride back to the street for only two Euros. In our state, a no-brainer.

After a beer at the Humboldt Stubn at the bottom of the elevator, we crossed the Makartsteg footbridge back into the New Town. Back in New York, we had walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and noticed all the padlocks clipped onto various parts of the span. I thought this was only a New York practice, but apparently not.

Later that evening, we ate Italian at Sabroson, on Linzergasse, and Peggy picked up the sweet sound of a Southern accent from the two women sitting near us. We had a wonderful time talking to Mary and Leslie, PT and OT therapists on vacation. Good night and best wishes, ladies.

And thus to bed.


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  1. Alyssa permalink

    Great Sunday! Sorry Monday was a bust, except for the Skyping part, which we all enjoyed. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about and see these composing huts. Keep on blogging!

    Love, Alyssa

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