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Last day in Salzburg

September 8, 2011

Mozart, the Business. What Klimt is to Vienna, is Mozart to Salzburg, except that Vienna can claim Mozart, but Salzburg has no legitimate access to the rich trove of Klimt bookmarks, mouse pads, etc. Among my greatest regrets, after passing through the inevitable Mozart Residence store, is that I have no decent photos, not to mention actual specimens, of the Mozart ducks, which are basically your standard Rubber Duckies with yellow powdered wigs.

Tuesday, September 6

Today, our last full day in Salzburg, we started off with a tour of the Mozart residence, where Mozart lived in the latter part of his life. Since photographs were not permitted, I have nothing to post except the one above from the gift shop, but the tour was worthwhile.

Only one room, the Dancing Master’s Room, was able to be restored with reasonable accuracy, but there were exhibits in subsequent rooms dealing with Mozart, his father, his wife, and his sister. There was also a room with computer terminals where you could call up a particular composition and choose one of several recorded performances, and follow along with the score. This was actually pretty neat, and now I want to pick up scores of some of the Masses.

20110908-110836.jpg 20110908-110855.jpg
A couple of shots from the Mirabell Gardens and palace, which one of the long line of Austrian archbishop-princes built for his female companion.

The Getreidegasse, in the Old City, in full turista swing.

Our last major event of the day was a visit to the enormous Stiegl brewery for a sampling of its wares. Stiegl is the local brewery for Salzburg, but its red-and-white cans with the stair-step logo are seen just about anywhere in Austria.


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