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September 17, 2011

We spent only one night in Verona, but liked it very much. Above, some embroidered necklaces (?) in a shop window that caught Peggy’s eye.

Monday, September 12

The immediate draw in Verona is the statue of Juliet, beloved of Romeo, and we found it easily from the crowd of tourists that spilled out from the little courtyard onto Via Capello.

The hallway into the courtyard is covered with declarations of true love.

The arena in Verona, built by the Romans, is still being used for concerts and events. It’s a little perplexing to see hundreds of yards of cables spilling out of the arena’s porticoes, but an impressive tribute to its construction.

The Adige River runs through the city.

The tourist Verona is basically an axis connecting two plazas – the Piazza Bra, above…

…and the Piazza Erbe. The side streets are crammed with shops that would be quite at home on Rodeo Drive, and our apartment was nearby.

For supper we found a very satisfactory restaurant called Leon d’Oro, and dined in the courtyard of what appeared to have been, at one time, a rather grand villa.

Tomorrow, Florence.


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