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Florence V

September 22, 2011

Ho hum. Just another sleepy day at the Piazza San Giovanni, me and a few thousand of my best friends.

Tuesday, September 20

What to do today? Peggy had heard from one of Nick’s high school chums about the NYU campus at Florence, so we took the #25 bus up Via Bolognese, in the hills above the city, to scope it out. As the road rose ever higher, the view became more enticing, and we opted to stay on board until we reached Trespiano, near the top of the route.

Once there, we saw no other option but to walk back down in search of the vistas we had glimpsed from the bus. Please note from the photo that there is no sidewalk, and nothing to separate the foolhardy pedestrian from the speeding traffic (and I do mean speeding) but a strip of white paint about four inches wide.




The sights, though, were grand, although no single picture can capture the sweep of the visible landscape.


We did eventually come upon the (unmarked) NYU address, and the gate attendant graciously allowed Peggy to take a few photos, although we would have needed someone to sign us in to walk around.

Continuing our walk down we reached the city proper about two hours and five kilometers after we stepped off the bus at Trespiano.


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