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Florence VI

September 24, 2011

Pimp My Pizza! Florence street food.

Wednesday, September 21

Today we went to the Pitti Palace, said to have maybe the second best collection of Italian art in Florence (after the Uffizi). In fact it is quite large, but mostly minor masters, although they have more Rafaels than I’ve seen yet. The fact that the paintings are hung three high renders many unviewable, or at least unappreciable.

The first floor was dedicated to art through the 18th century, and the second floor to what they called Modern Art, which in this case means 19th and early 20th century Italian painting. I enjoyed this more than the earlier stuff. Again, no big names – Boccioni, De Chirico, etc.,e.g., conspicuosly absent, but it was interesting to see how developments in the wider world echoed in Italy. I did find a little room with ten or fifteen Boldinis, and a little-known (to me, at least) Sargent, as well as a large painting by Sargent’s early mentor, Carolus-Duran.

20110924-105320.jpg 20110924-105328.jpg
Sculpture at the front of the palace.

Photos, and much else, are not allowed. The Uffizi was even more restrictive.

Below, a grab bag from the day. Above, sculling on the Arno. At the moment, the Arno is more like a lake than a river, and is terraced just below the Arraia bridge.

20110924-131615.jpg 20110924-131632.jpg
The courtyard of the Istituto Gould, where we are staying, and the Via dei Serragli, our very busy street.

We took a walk down our street that night into unfamiliar territory and came upon this gate at the Piazza della Catza.

Your tax euros at work.

Thursday, September 22

There are examples of the Medici coat of arms throughout Florence, with the six balls representing pills of medicine, from which the family name comes. Peggy found this colorful instance on Via Cavour. Orto means “vegetable garden” or “kitchen garden”.

20110924-135152.jpg 20110924-135252.jpg 20110924-135313.jpg
From the courtyard of the Palazzo Vecchio. Outside is Cellini’s statue of Perseus holding the head of Medusa, in the loggia of the Piazza della Signoria.

Peggy buys a watercolor view of Firenze.

Friday, September 23

Today is our last full day in Florence. We had a few errands to run, and had seen most of what we wanted to see, so we decided to explore a little of the non-tourist Florence. First, a low-cost meal at Leonardo’s Self-Service, upstairs southwest of the Baptistry.

Then we started walking up Via Camillo Cavour, looking in a fabric store on the way.

The Porta San Gallo gate at the top of Via Cavour.

Heading back on Via Giocomo Matteotti.

And a long walk it was. After a little R&R back at the room, we finished our day with a nice dinner at Da Ginone, just up the street.

20110924-144942.jpg 20110924-145018.jpg 20110924-145036.jpg


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  1. Alyssa permalink

    If I can’t play the guitar or drink wine, I’m so not going to the Pitti Palace! Pitti that!

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