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Cortona II

September 26, 2011


monday, September 26

Peggy in the garden behind our apartment. Sort of terraced, facing west, behind us the hill leading up to the fort, steps leading up to a lookout on the Etruscan wall. We had a little rain yesterday, but things are a bit dry, and I think more water would be welcome.

Looking west, over the fence across the street.

The courtyard below is a cemetery for a convent.

San Sebastiano church, at the southwest corner of Cortona.

The Piazza della Repubblica, where it feeds Via Nazionale. It’s tourist, but not nearly so bad as Venice or Florence. I have to assume that most of the day-to-day needs of the Cortonans are taken care of in Camucia below.

The Teatro Signorelli, on the Piazza Signorelli, natch, just above the P. Della Repubblica.

Cortona is really small. Even with the hundreds of little alleys that qualify as streets, there’s not that much to see, but the town web site,

has maps of “trekking routes” that should occupy us for a while, and we hope to spend some time sketching and watercoloring locally. That said, things may slow down on the blog, to reflect a corresponding relaxation of our heretofore energetic sightseeing pace. Bear with us.


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  1. Stuart permalink

    Thanks Bill, you’re giving the term “Gand Tour” a whole new meaning!

  2. Alyssa permalink

    It is just beautiful! Enjoy the downtime before Rome!

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