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Cortona III

September 30, 2011

As light fixtures go, this is the bitchinest.

Tuesday, September 27

Today we went grocery shopping in Camucia, down the hill. The road down is five Km, no sidewalks, and by that I mean no bike lane, no drainage gutter, nothing. The round trip by bus for €2.4@ was therefore a no-brainer. Not that we would have walked in any case. We all got on at the Piazza Garibaldi, at the foot of town, us and about forty kids, who got off at various stops in Camucia. The bus dropped us at the train station, from which we will eventually depart for Roma.

In Europe, (not just Italy) you weigh your own produce. Bag it, take it over to the scales, punch the touch-screen icon for fruits or vegetables or other, then punch the code number for the veggie or fruit you’ve chosen, which is on a sign by the bin, and the scale spits out a bar-coded sticker that you affix to the baggie with the produce. The scale works about half the time.

Just like Safeway, except that the selection is just a Little Bit Different, and the leafy green vegetables look like they fell off a truck, literally. We passed on the spinach.

Cortona as seen from the road to the market.

After taking the bus back and staggering about 150 meters, vertically, up to the pad, we collapsed on the bed. This is sunset off the back stoop, except that the sun should register as red, red, red.

I blog, Peggy journals.

Wednesday, September 28

We did practically nothing today, which I thought the whole point of spending three weeks in a hill town was about. Walked back up to the Santa Margherita church, and back down the long way. A few pix from the walk down follow.




Thursday, September 29

20110930-233247.jpg 20110930-233314.jpg 20110930-233407.jpg
A few shots of the back yard – the back door to the top floor of the house; Rudy, the good-natured family pooch; chairs in the garden.

Just to give an idea of the vertical nature of Cortona, we’re in Cortona, and so is the cathedral about a hundred meters below, and it’s not the lowest point.

The property backs up onto a section of the original Etruscan wall that surrounded the city, and there’s a nice flat expanse affording about a 270-degree view of the valley below.

Later in the day we called the kids via phone card at a local phone booth. Seen those in the US lately?

Yellow crocuses are pushing up wherever there’s a little dirt and sunshine.

When you think Italy, beauty, sex, and desirability, Ducati naturally comes to mind.


Buona notte.

Boiled potatoes, blanched green beans, grape tomatoes and tuna, splashed with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Mighty nice, and good night.

Friday, September 30

Looking south from Piazza Garibaldi. Squint and you can see Lago (Lake) Trasimeno about five K away.

A convent and cemetery to the west, and the farmland beyond.

We stopped in at the Museo Diocesano to see the paintings of Cortona-born Renaissance master Luca Signorelli.

Kids playing on Via Nazionale, Cortona’s Main Street.

A newly-married couple being photographed on the steps of the Palazzo Comunale. Weddings are a major part of Cortona’s tourist outreach.


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