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Kyoto II

September 28, 2015

Wednesday, September 23

Today Peggy went on a tour of several places in Kyoto accompanied by a student at a local university: Ginkakuji temple ( the “Silver Pavilion”); the Gion district, known for geishas in ancient days; the Handicrafts store; and the Heian shrine, known for its beautiful garden. 

I hope to include Peggy’s photos of these spots here or in an addendum at some later date, but today I stayed at the apartment and spent the day catching up on the blog. In fact, everything prior to this point was written and posted today.

Some shots from the neighborhood during my lunch break:
Some new houses in the Kyoto suburbs. Gone are the sliding screens and front gardens. The new look is high-tech.

See, there’s Central Park, Jurassic Park, and now…

A tatami-mat shop.

Thursday, September 24

Last night, after a long spell of beautiful weather, we had lots of rain, and today it rained lightly all day. Our primary destination was the Fushimi-Inari-Taishi shrine, known to tourists for its long colonnades of vermilion torii gates. It’s located in a a hilly wooded section of southeast Kyoto, and the rain only added to the feeling of contemplation, once we got away from the crowds.

After the shrine, we headed for central Kyoto and the Crafts market, where we picked up some woodblock prints and some gifts for the kids. Then dinner at Kyoto Station, and home.


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