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July 30, 2016


Okay, more on this guy later.


The Osaka train station. Really big.

First thing we did when we got to Osaka was turn around and go back to Kobe to scout out sake distilleries. This turned out to be a bust because we would have had to book a week in advance, and the tours are only on certain days.

We did get to the Sake Museum, and it was worth seeing. There was a movie about the sake brewing process, which was quite complicated, and an on-site replica of a typical sake distillery.


New sake barrels



Admission was free, and we took our time with the exhibits. True to the apparently universal museum model, we exited through the store, and sampled several of the brands on display, but didn’t buy any, concerned, I suppose, about lugging a bottle of booze around the country.

Peggy wanted to buy a traditional woodblock print, and we were told the shop was near Kiddieland, which is a store devoted entirely to plush toys, barettes, anime heroes, etc. We both were so knocked out that we took way more pix than we knew, including the bad boy up at the top of this post.



Tower Records, sad to say, is no more in the U.S.A, but it’s alive and well in Japan. There’s a fascinating (to me) documentary, All Things Must Pass, about the rise and fall of the store, and how a Japanese company bought the rights to the name. There are 85 stores in Japan. I bought a jazz CD and a T-shirt here.


There is surely more to Osaka than we saw, but it doesn’t seem to have the kind of tourist-friendly attractions that we found elsewhere. So off we go…


On the road to Kanazawa.


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  1. your cousin Peggy permalink

    Beautiful! I enjoyed seeing your last trip as well and look forward to seeing more of your adventures!

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