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Tokyo 2016

August 8, 2016

Wednesday, August 3
The view outside our dining-area window, looking east. Tokyo’s enormous sprawl can only be comprehended through direct experience, and nothing we have seen in America or Europe is remotely comparable, yet throughout the city there are parks and gardens devoted to nature and a respite from the incessant gray of its urban superstructure, and this is repeated in the tiny backyards of every urban neighborhood.We decided to start our first day in Tokyo at Asakusa’s Sensoji temple, the oldest in Tokyo. I might add that August, with its 90+ daily temperatures, is perhaps not the most accommodating time to visit, but that didn’t deter us or the thousands of our fellow tourists.

Almost as famous as the temple is the Kaminarimon Gate with its giant lantern.

Looking back to the gate from the temple.

The temple with its enormous incense burner.After seeing the temple, we walked over to the Sumida River for a view of the Sky Tree, at 634 meters the world’s tallest freestanding broadcasting tower. Maybe we’ll get up there later in our trip.The Sumida River, flowing south into Tokyo Bay.The day ends, and before we head back to our apaato, we touch base on the Ginza, including a stop at the Sony Building, where as-yet-to-be-released are available for hands-on experience.


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