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August 5, 2016 Imperial Hotel, Beer Lion, Cold Tea

August 20, 2016


Today we went to the Imperial Hotel, just to see it, and to see how much of Frank Lloyd Wright is still around.

A model of Wright’s building in the mezzanine.  It’s famous for surviving the 1923 earthquake, but eventually the years took their toll and it was demolished in 1968. As much as possible of the structure was saved and it was recreated in Nagoya.


A clock in the mezzanine.

image image image image

Some Wright design motifs around the hotel.



We happened to notice that the hotel’s Old Bar was opening in a few minutes, and we decided to have drinks there as, you know, a tribute to Mr. Wright. Although the cocktails were rather pricey, about halfway through my Bourbon Lemon Squash it occurred to me that perhaps we could just sit there, run up our biggest personal bar tab ever and slosh our way deliriously back to our Ikebukuro digs.


Comparatively cooler heads prevailed, tho, and we left to take lunch at the nearby Beer Lion, built in the 1930s and still wildly popular.


Check this out for more background:



After lunch Peggy had a tea ceremony scheduled at the Mitsukoshi department store in the Ginza. During the ceremony I meandered through the 7th floor, where I found a promotion for, well, Snoopy. I’ve gotten used to odd and amazing things in Japan, but the leap from comic strip to  gargantuan commercial behemoth mystifies.


I caught up with Peggy at the end of the tea ceremony, which was performed with cold tea.


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